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2015 STEM Summer Program (1 Files)
Download STEM SUMMER_1.mp4
Bond 2015 (1 Files)
Download Bond 2015 Informational Video
Convocation 2015 (3 Files)
Download Convocation 2015
Download Mr. Madrigal Harlandale Commercial
Download My Favorite Teacher Video
HISD is Innovation (1 Files)
Download Mr. Romeo Valdez, STEM Early College High School
Ice Bucket Challenge Videos (11 Files)
Download Collier Ice Bucket Challenge.MOV
Download KMS Ice Challenge.mp4
Download Mr. Arevalo.MOV
Download TWMS ALS
Download Dr. Harle
Download FTA Ice Buck Challenge
Download HHS Coaching Staff
Download HHS Principal Ice Bucket Challenge
Download Juan Mancha
Download McCollum HS Coaching Staff
Download Mr. Rey Madrigal
Scabies Information (2 Files)
Download Scabies Information and Prevention
Download Información sobre la sarna
Communications (8 Files)
Download Dr Harle.mp4
Download Gilbert-Spirit-Movie-2015 (2).wmv
Download Health Collaborative.mp4
Download HISD Commercial (final).mov
Download HISD Commercial (final)_(new).mov
Download Juan Mancha.mp4
Download Mr Madrigal Ice Challenge.mp4
Download This Is Home Ruben Sepulveda, Owner Don
Convocation 2014 (4 Files)
Download 2014 Convocation Afternoon.mp4
Download 2014 Convocation Morning.mp4
Download 2014 Convocation-Happy-Elementary
Download 2014 Convocation-Happy-Secondary
District Events (4 Files)
Download 2015 Create Academy
Download 2015 HISD District Science Fair
Download 2015 HISD Engineering Fair
Download ELA AVATAR Brochure Video for C&I
Human Resources (4 Files)
Download Detailed Benefits Presentation by Humana and Alamo Insurance Group ( 12 minutes)
Download Harassment (english)
Download Harassment (espanol)
Download Insurance Overview and Enrollment Instructions (5 minutes)
School Videos (5 Files)
Download HAC PSA-Say Something Save a Life
STEM ECHS Groundbreaking (4 Files)
Download STEM ECHS Groundbreaking-1
Download STEM ECHS Groundbreaking-2
Download STEM ECHS Groundbreaking-3
Download STEM ECHS Groundbreaking-4