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Harlandale ISD Information Services



HISD Information Services is a department under the Finance Division. Our goal is to support the District's mission by planning, recommending, creating, securing, complying, staffing and maintaining access, functionality and continuity for:


  • District digital infrastructure: this includes the internal infrastructure (i.e. operating systems, physical/virtual servers, switches/routers, NOC/MDF/IDF locations, cabling, wireless systems, IP addresses, District data access/flow/storage, Internet access/flow/storage, filtering, outsourced services, etc.) and the external infrastructure (i.e. IP addresses/Domain names, outsourced and cloud services, etc.)
  • Digital communication services: this includes internal and external telecommunications, e-mail, messaging, data/file transfer, video, out-sourced services, etc. 
  • Digital tools for the classroom and and the District workplace: This includes user devices (workstations, laptops, tablets, handhelds, etc.), peripherals (printers, whiteboards, projectors, cameras, data storage components, etc.) and applications both internally based (server-based, device based, etc.) and externally-based (browser-based cloud applications, out-sourced applications, etc.)


HISD Information Services is committed to supporting the 21st century classroom and workplace.

Information Services is at the Heart of HISD