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Cultural Arts Festival set for May 3, 2014

FIESTA may have been over, but the celebration continued for one more day at Harlandale ISD. On May 3, thousands of spectators lined Roosevelt Avenue to watch the district’s 38th Annual Cultural Arts parade, then they stuck around for the fair.


Most of the 130 parade entries consisted of students. Some walked the mile-long route wearing their school’s shirt, others marched with the band, dozens of children rode in floats decorated with the theme “The Rhythm of our Culture” in mind, and a few danced in the beds of pickup trucks. Many adults took part too. HISD’s Information Services Department dressed the part of the “Nerd Herd,” Tejano artist and McCollum alum Raulito Navaira waved at fans, and even the King (ok, it was an Elvis impersonator) serenaded the crowd. Despite all the fun, there was a little competition involved and the winners were:

·         Best Spirit Group

o   ES: Morrill Tiger Cheer Squad

o   MS: Harlandale Brave Pride

o   HS: McCollum Cheerleaders

·         Best Music Group

o   ES: Stonewall Flanders Percussion

o   MS: Harlandale Band

o   McCollum Band

·         Best Walking Group

o   ES: Carroll Bell & Gilbert Safety Patrols

o   MS: Terrell Wells Football Team

o   HS: McCollum Leadership School

·         Best Vehicle

o   ES: Carroll Bell Teacher of the Year

o   MS: Terrell Wells Student of the Year

o   HS: Harlandale Jr. Class President

·         Best Float

o   ES: Stonewall Flanders AVANCE, Gilbert Teacher of the Year & Student of the Year, Carroll Bell

o   MS: Kingsborough

o   HS: (no entries)


The parade ended at Harlandale Memorial Stadium, but the fun continued. Students performed in three separate areas, dancing, singing, and playing their instruments; there were nearly 30 food and drink booths with all proceeds benefitting school-based clubs; nearly 50 businesses and community organizations handed out information; families got to try their luck at a dozen games; and some children and adults even sat down for a competitive game of chess. The winners were:

·         Elementary Division

o   1st-Jade Teixeira, Carroll Bell

o   2nd-Fabian Rios, Stonewall Flanders

o   3rd-Richie Rich, Carroll Bell & Manuel Gomez, Stonewall Flanders

o   4th-Destiny Herrera, Stonewall Flanders

·         Middle School Division

o   1st-Esmeralda Castillo, Terrell Wells

o   2nd-Julia Calderon, Harlandale

o   3rd-Alora Sandlin, Terrell Wells

·         Faculty/Parents

o   1st-Isabel Castillo-Garza

o   2nd-Gracie Trevino

o   3rd-Raul Herrera

·         Middle School Boys-Division I

o   1st-Richard Hernandez, Kingsborough & Chris De Leon, Terrell Wells

o   2nd-Julian  Cavazos, Terrell Wells

o   3rd-Jose  Trevino & Seth Espinoza, Harlandale

o   4th-Ian Garza, Harlandale

·         Middle School Boys - Division II

o   1st-Isaiah Espinoza, Harlandale

o   1st-Chance Sancho, Terrell Wells

o   2nd-Ryan Maxwell, Kingsborough

o   3rd-Thomas Trevino, Harlandale

o   4th-Ricardo Lopez  III, Harlandale