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Rey Madrigal, Superintendent of Schools

August 24th marked the beginning of the 2015-2016 academic school year and we are honored that our students and their families have made the right choice by attending school in the Harlandale Independent School District. 


We are pleased to announce that our district received a 2015 Met Standard rating from Texas Education Agency. Several of our campuses also earned Distinction Designations for instructional achievement.  We are proud of our highly qualified educators and grateful for their dedication to teaching students what they need to learn in order to meet high standards.


Our district ensures that teacher team meetings are routinely scheduled to collaboratively share new ideas, plan lessons, analyze student data, design interventions, and communicate about school and district related activities. These four questions are at the center of each team meeting:

  1. What do we want each student to learn? (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills)
  2. How will we know when each student has learned it? (Analyze classroom, district and state assessments)
  3. How will we respond when a student experiences difficulty in learning? (Re-teach, provide intervention, structure small group classroom support, add tutorials and after school support, etc.)
  4. How will we respond when a student experiences success in learning? (Provide clubs, enrichment, and extra-curricular activities.)       

We deliver instructional coaching at our schools to help teachers enhance their classroom management and instructional practices.  Each elementary school has two instructional coaches: one for reading support and one for math support. There are four content instructional coaches for our middle schools: one for reading/language arts, one for math, one for social studies, and one for science. We are focused on meeting the academic and behavioral needs of all HISD students througha variety of programs and services.


This year we are excited about the opening of Bexar County’s first STEM Early College High School campus, located near our Harlandale Memorial Stadium. The Frank Tejeda Academy was home to the first classes last year and those sophomores are eager to welcome a new class of freshmen as they move into their new building. This school year Harlandale High School will open a new Health Science Technology and JROTC Building. McCollum High School will open the Health Science Technology Building and the expanded Automotive Technology Building. The new facilities align with one of our district goals of creating innovative instructional facilities that engage the evolving needs of our students.

Our community provides a supportive network of parents, guardians, businesses, churches, and civic leaders. We are grateful for our families’ involvement in their children’s education by communicating with teachers, volunteering at schools, supporting the district’s programs, and attending special events.   


Harlandale ISD was established in 1894 by the Padres at Mission San Jose. As we begin our 121st year in education, we are proud of our history, our culture, and our family values.  Our 24 campuses are home to over 15,000 students and more than 2,100 employees.


Thank you for making the right choice by being part of the Harlandale family.   



Rey Madrigal