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Kids learn to train

Some students learning the ropes
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With the fall sports season quickly approaching, students from across San Antonio are spending their morning at the Harlandale Memorial Stadium to take advantage of the Vacation Plyo School hosted by Adam Reyes and Day One Physical Therapy and Wellness.


Adam Reyes, a HISD alum, began the program five years ago after witnessing the injuries young athletes were sustaining due to the lack of training in injury prevention and plyometrics. The program is designed to introduce students to plyometrics and Yoga to help them prepare their bodies for various sports. Plyometrics are exercises that help athletes teach their muscles to reach maximum force in the shortest possible time.


Students from Jefferson, South San, Harlandale and McCollum high schools are being challenged with tremendous work out routines that tested and strengthened their abilities. The athletes also hear from speakers about the importance of conditioning and how it can help prevent injury. This year’s speakers include an Olympic gold medalist, an ex-NFL player who now coaches football at Stevens High School, Darryl Hemphill, and a San Antonio Talons Arena Football Receiver.


The 3-day camp runs from July 23-25 and is free for all student participants. As the teens run, jump and play, the University of Texas Health Science Center is also conducting studies on how this training can help to improve athletic ability.