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Assistants learn to "Give them the Pickle"

When you hear the phrase “Give them the Pickle” you may find yourself trying to determine what it means. On August 8 at the Charles Boggess Center, some Harlandale ISD staff found out and learned just how to do it.

Administrative assistants were treated to a seminar by Region 20’s Mayra De Hoyos who shared with the group the concept of “giving them the pickle.” It is an expression for providing excellent customer service. The phrase stems from a story of a convenience store worker arguing with a customer who claimed to have purchased a pickle. Just “give them the pickle” and make your customers happy. That was the point.

The participants were also treated to activities that challenged their teamwork building techniques. After accomplishing and learning lessons through those activities, the assembled groups watched a video that again explained the lesson of “giving them the pickle.”