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Teachers rock out for the new school year

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As the lights dimmed and music began to play, an inflated globe was carried into the room by two teachers while four others were shinning lights on it. What was the point? Teachers, students and education can change the world. That was just one of several different skits, dances and videos that helped inspire the crowd at Harlandale ISD’s Convocation 2012.

Convocation is annual tradition – a pep rally for adults - that takes place a few weeks before the first day of school at the Charles Boggess Center. The secondary campuses meet in the morning and the elementary schools attend in the afternoon. Each campus usually puts on some sort of performance but, this year, administrators, school board members, two community bands and even some students got in on the action.

One of the most memorable moments was teachers sitting back to watch principals, administrators and school board members on stage dancing, learning to “Wobble with it.” Moments before, at the early session, the McCollum HS Cheerleaders had taken the stage to do their versions of different line dances and the Harlandale HS Cheerleaders did the same in the afternoon. At both, teachers were treated to a special comedy & musical performance by McCollum High School’s “Band of Boyz.” They changed the lyrics of the Jackson 5’s “I want you back” to “Welcome Back.”

The excitement and energy continued when school board member Jesse “Jay” Alaniz had a few of his friends perform. They were members of the George Rivas Band and Anthony Hernandez and Crew.

The spotlight, however, shone most brightly when each school put on their own shows. The high schools teamed up to record a video that ended with all four campuses standing up to dance the “Macarena.” Several elementary schools went with the Olympics theme, Carroll Bell did it’s version of “Dancing with the Stars” and Schulze ES invited everyone to their “Schulze Depot” where

Once the celebration was complete, everyone sat back to listen to the keynote speaker, Mrs. Suzie Humphreys. She shared her unique comedy styling which included stories of professional and personal life and reminded everyone to laugh, live and learn.
The sessions were capped off by Interim Superintendent, Mr. Rey Madrigal, reminding everyone of this year’s motto: “YOU make a difference.” He reflected on the teacher who made a difference in his life, Mrs. Karla Galindo. She was in attendance and got teary when Mr. Madrigal thanked her publicly for her unconditional support, friendship and love.