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Last chance for shots

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Parents have only a few days left to get their school-aged children the immunizations they need before the start of school. Kids who do not have the proper vaccines will not be allowed to attend class come Monday, August 27. Immunizations before the start of school are a state requirement; however, which ones your child needs depends on his/her age.


On August 21 parents and students lined up outside of Harlandale High School in the morning to take advantage of the free shots from the Christus Santa Rosa’s Mobile Clinic. Even though it was early in the morning, a line of families waited their turn to have their children immunized. While some of the younger students shed a few tears when getting a shot in their arm, they were offered an adorable stuffed teddy bear as solace to the pain of the shot.


Central Med Clinic will offer immunization shots on August 25th from 8 am – 2 pm at their clinic on 3750 Commercial Avenue. For more information, call Central Med Clinic at (210)924-3593.