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The first day of school

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They were quiet over the summer but beginning Monday, August 27, the halls of schools across Harlandale ISD were bustling with activity as students and teachers returned for the first day of school. And what an emotional one it was for some elementary school children.

“I thought I could do it mommy but I can’t,” exclaimed a Gillette ES student. A second grader at Morrill ES threw himself on the ground screaming for his parents. Some pre-kindergarten students sobbed quietly while they waited in line to get their breakfast.

“This happens every year,” said Mr. Todd Voges, Principal at Morrill. “We just try to reassure them that they’re going to be okay.”

Students were not the only one’s wiping away tears. Several parents and grandparents cried as they watched their little one’s walking away with their backpacks and supplies in tow.

“The first day of school can be very emotional for adults, especially if it is the first time they’re going to be away from their children,” said district spokeswoman Leslie Garza.

The atmosphere was much lighter around middle and high schools. At neighboring Harlandale MS, it was the sixth graders met in the cafeteria to connect with their new teachers and classmates. At Harlandale HS, teens reconnected with friends and stood around talking about their summer, their classes and who had what teachers.