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Performers wow the crowd

With a cloudy sky above, it was up to dozens of students performing in two different areas to brighten the day. Choirs from nearly all the HISD elementary schools took turns singing on risers. On the main stage, kids line up to sing, dance and read poetry. The winners are:

Song Solo - Elementary School

1st place: Audry Gonzalez, Gillette

2nd place: Zachary Zepeda & Luis Gonzales,

Gillette & Adams

3rd place: Miranda Saiz, Schulze


Song Solo - Middle School

1st place: Bryanna Rich, Terrell Wells

2nd place: Miranda Rich, Terrell Wells

3rd place: Natalia Carmona, Kingsborogh


Group Song - High School

1st place: Richard Bustillo & Savannah Sanchez,



Dance Solo - Elementary School

1st place: Zachariah Saiz, Schulze


Group Dance - Elementary School

1st place: Israel Vargas & Ernest Rodriguez, Adams

2nd place: Annie Barcenez & John Castaneda

Morrill & Leal

3rd place: Wright Macarenas, Wright


Poetry Solo - Elementary School

1st place: Erin Fletcher, Carroll Bell

2nd place: Alessandra Gonzalez, Carroll Bell

3rd place: Ariana Lima & Jose Herrera, Carroll Bell