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Rayburn hands out food

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About 89% of families within the Harlandale ISD live at or below the economically disadvantaged level according to records for 2011. To help them, Rayburn Elementary School teamed up with the San Antonio Food Bank to distribute food on October 11. Each family was given essential items like water, potatoes, orange juice, bread, meat, and vegetables. As parents were handed the food, children excitedly clamored around the carts to see what they had been given. One mother with five children was extremely grateful to have the help.

“Our principal and PTA agreed to help pay for this one at Rayburn so we could not only feed our local community but our community in Harlandale," said school social worker Tara Johnson, adding that they plan on hosting similar giveaways every month at a different school.

The Food Bank receives its products from HEB, Wal-Mart, and Target. Each time they have a drive, like the one at Rayburn ES, they try to serve at least 200 families.