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Rayburn student gets surprised

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Military deployments are never easy for families but the return is such a joyous occasion. It is one some students at Rayburn ES got to witness. Senior Airman April Carrillo surprised her daughter, 2nd grader Mia Panatex, in her class on October 26.

 Carrillo had just returned from Saudi Arabia where she was stationed with the 433rd Alamo Wing out of Lackland Air Force Base. Mia didn’t know her mom was back in town. Other family members accompanied Carrillo as she made her way to her daughter’s classroom then snuck in for the surprise.

 “Can I go home with you?” Mia asked as she tightly hugged her mother. It was an emotional yet exciting moment.

 As the family walked back into the hallway, several classes were out in the halls to welcome the Airman and thank her for her service.

 The surprise didn’t end there. Carrillo also drove to another school to surprise her other daughter.

 “I surprised my daughter at Harlandale High School too. She wasn’t aware I had returned” said Airman Carrillo.