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Students sit down, speak up

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For the second time this school year, students at some secondary schools had the chance to have lunch with Interim Superintendent Rey Madrigal. On November 27, about 20 kids sat in the Harlandale High School library eating a new item on the menu – pepperoni calzones. The students agreed that was one of their favorite meals from the cafeteria. They had differing opinions, however, on other topics that arose.

 Each one mentioned what their interests are in school, where they want to go to college and what they would like to study. Some talked about their favorite teachers and what they would like to change at their schools.

 The Superintendent’s Student Advisory Committee was created in 2011. It is made up of 6th-12th graders from middle and high schools throughout the Harlandale ISD who serve as the voice for their campuses.