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Interim Superintendent's response to school shooting in Connecticut

We are deeply disturbed by the horrific shooting that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday, December 14. While there is no indication that the shooting was anything but an isolated incident in a state far from Texas, we are sensitive to the questions and concerns about our own safety policies and crisis procedures.

Harlandale ISD staff members do everything they can to keep all children safe and secure. Visitors are required to sign in and produce identification; however, the Board of Trustees recently approved a new, updated id system for our district. The pilot program is being tested at one of our elementary campuses. Tonight the Board will also consider and take appropriate action on a district-wide security assessment service.

We have an Emergency Operations Plan on every campus and satellite office. In the days ahead, we will review the plan with principals and key administrators.

Our children will once again practice fire drills and review intruder and lockdown practices and procedures. To avoid alarming the children and their families, the drill will be announced beforehand.

In case of an emergency, parents and staff will be notified via an automated phone call through our Edulink Parent Notification System.

Highly trained counselors and social workers are always available and attentive to our children’s emotional needs. They listen and allow kids to express their concerns while providing assurance that they are safe and we care for them like family. We will avoid exposing children to media coverage and we will honor their feelings.

We also ask parents and community members for help in keeping our schools safe. If there is ever a security concern, contact the HISD Police SAFE hotline at 932-SAFE (7233).


Rey Madrigal

Interim Superintendent