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Kindergartners take part in Tamalada

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It is a Hispanic tradition. It is a holiday tradition. It is a tradition one Morrill Elementary School educator took time to teach her students about. On December 17, Dr. Carmen Jaramillo had her dual language kindergarten kids take part in a “Tamalada.”

 It was just like what you would see in millions of households around this time of year. There were “ojas” (corn husks), spoons to “embarar” (spread) and “manteles” (tablecloths) underneath all the food. The big difference at this Tamalada, however, was that instead of adults around the tables, 5 & 6 year olds were getting ready to work. With the help of some teaching assistants, each student got to spread the “masa” (corn dough) on the corn husk, fill it with meat and then roll it up to be cooked.

The Tamalada turned out to be more than just a cultural and cooking lesson. Dr. Jaramillo was also able to incorporate math, health and science. The students had a great time but mostly enjoyed eating the tamales.