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Boggess Center turns into Jurassic Park

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Dinosaurs roamed the earth 245 million years ago, but for three days in 2013, they made a comeback – sort of. “Dinosaur George” took his traveling dinosaur museum to the Boggess Center January 15-17 so children of all ages could explore and enjoy.

George Blasing, also known as Dinosaur George, is a self-taught Paleontologist who teamed up with KLRN and received a grant from the Goldsberry Foundation to travel around Texas teaching kids all about the large, extinct reptiles.

“My goal is to continue to take it to as many schools as we can, but now take it to the next level and take it to really small schools that are way outside any major city,” says Dinosaur George. “What is so great that Harlandale has done is that they have set a new template that is incredibly successful so we plan to promote what Harlandale did, and that is to find a central location and bring the kids to the school [museum location].”

Dinosaur George carries with him fossils and bones to show off, something most people have never seen. Kids surrounded him with questions about the bones and he was happy to tell them about each part.

“Here we want the kids to be able to explore the exhibit at their own pace,” he said.