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Exploring the clouds from class

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Why does rain fall from the sky and where does it go when the sun comes into the sky? Schulze Elementary now has a science lab dedicated to teaching students the wonder of the water cycle.

“I recently attended a SAWS Conference where I was able to get this wonderful idea. We were able to get a walk through model of the display on loan from the Edwards Aquifer Authority so students can learn about the vital importance our aquifer plays in our lives,” explained Mrs. Andriana Aguilar-La Point, third grade teacher.

The walkthrough began with a look inside a real life cloud – sort of. The model was created so that students could climb in and explore the different levels of the cloud as the water transforms from its frozen form into rain. The rest of the water cycle model was covered with information on how water rain travels down to the ground, into our aquifer recharge zones, through the caverns, into our homes and eventually back into sky. Students were able to also to see photographed stalactites and the ecosystem that lives within the aquifer. They could read all about it or listen to the audio recording. Kids were also able to ask questions about the process, the aquifer, or any other part of the water cycle, including how fog forms.