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College President visits Rayburn

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There was a plumber, a college president and a police officer all in one place...

 It sounds like the beginning of a joke but it was actually something real, important and educational. Those three people and several other professionals from around San Antonio were part of Rayburn Elementary’s first ever Career Day on February 15.

 “When you do it as an assembly, the presenter will come up, speak and then say they have time for one or two questions. It’s a little harder for them [students] to stay focused because they are sitting in one place for two hours,” explained Nicole Nava, school counselor. The format of this Career Day included one professional per classroom and students were able to visit several classrooms. “This format gives them that chance to ask questions that they may not be able to ask during an assembly,” said Nava.

 Dr. Maria Ferrier, President of Texas A&M San Antonio, officers from SAPD, firefighters from SAFD, a magazine editor and a funeral service director were just some of the people who told kids all about their jobs.