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Wietzel Center names its Royal Court

 With the gym decorated in red and gold and students dressed in their Sunday best, the Jewel Wietzel Center held a Valentine’s Coronation. The special school for handicap students hosts the event every year as part of a fundraiser.

 “I have been here for five years and it was already in existence, so I would say that it has been going on for about 12 years,” said Mrs. Doris Figueroa, Coordinator of the Jewel Wieztel Center.

Each student’s family was asked to donate pennies to the school and every penny counted as a vote. The students who raised the most pennies would be named to the Royal Valentine’s Court.

 A total of $2,168 dollars was donated and Mariah Kilbourne, Miss Wheelchair of America 2013, was on hand to name the winners. They are:

·        King-Joe Diaz

·        Queen-Lisa Flores      

·        Prince-Joe Carranza

·        Princess-Alejandra Vasquez  

·        Count-Daniel Chapa

·        Countess-Abigael Flores

·        Duke-Jacob Suarez

·        Duchess-Jennifer Luna

·        Lord-Abel Reyna

·        Lady-Amanda Ramos