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Teachers, counselors win Bright Idea Mini-Grants

A few Harlandale ISD educators got a huge surprise February 21 from Superintendent Rey Madrigal and other district officials. For the second time this school year, teachers and counselors from different schools throughout the district were awarded with a Bright Idea Mini-Grant. The winners are:

·   Brian Jaklich, Frank Tejeda Academy, received $925 for “Infinity & Beyond: Get to school, Get a diploma”. The money will help purchase VIA bus passes for students at the Tejeda Academy to ensure their transportation to and from school.

·   Jo-Kate Collier, Terrell Wells Middle School, received $1,000 for “Kindle a Love of Reading”. This project will help students in ESL classes develop a greater interest in reading while using advanced technology to improve their language skills.

·   Moises Hernandez, Harlandale Middle School, received $1,000 for “Graceful Strings”. He plans to implement an after school program for students to learn how to play classical and contemporary guitar. The grant will be used to purchase equipment, invite guest speakers, and teach students about the opportunities from a college education, degrees and careers in music.

·   Richard Garcia, Adams Elementary School, received $500 for “PPROPS” (Performance Productions Rewarding Outstanding Pre-K Students). This grant will allow the school to treat Pre-K students to a production from the Children’s Magik Theater and introduce them to the performing arts.

·   Adriana LaPoint, Schulze Elementary School, received $1,000 for the “Water & Energy Nexus Festival.” This project will aim to teach the importance of water conservation, alternative sources of energy, and environmental stewardship to students, parents, and the community. The grant amount was matched by Councilwoman Leticia Ozuna.

·         Denise Flores and Petra Guzman, Harlandale High School, received $1,000 for “Creating a College-Going Culture”. The grant will be used to purchase different banners from colleges and universities from where Harlandale High School alumni have graduated. The banners will serve as a visual reminder to students that college is an attainable dream.