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Life Skills students helping new life sprout

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Students in the Life Skills classes at McCollum High School are learning responsibility by gardening outside the classroom. Since September, they have maintained a small garden in the courtyard of the campus and it’s now home to some of the tallest cilantro plants in the district.

“It’s awesome to walk by and smell the aroma of some of the stuff they have growing and to see how great everything is growing,” said Kristopher Tinch, AVID Instructor whose students help Life Skills kids.

The garden also has several types of flowers and plants. They definitely beautify the area but the entire project serves a larger purpose. It helps all students improve their socialization skills.

“We got the idea to start the garden so the kids would have a chance to interact with other students on campus and we didn’t expect for it to be doing as well as it is. We get a lot of good feedback and compliments from administrators and teachers. Even students tell us what a pretty garden it is,” explained Adriana Chacon, Life Skills teacher.

Gardening is also helping to sharpen the students’ listening skills, teaching them to follow directions and showing them the how-to steps of planting.

“The kids already know all the steps for getting water and watering the plants and how we take care of them,” Chacon added.