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Teachers dress up to pump up students for STAAR

This is a big week for students across Texas. Children in grades four through 12 will be taking the STAAR through Thursday. To help pump them up, faculty and staff at Gillette Elementary held a special pep rally on Thursday, March 28. The teachers got together and performed skits that involved some singing, a little dancing, and a whole lot of acting. The kids got a big laugh when they noticed two Mrs. Morones. One was the real principal. The other was a teacher just putting on a show.


Here is the list of tests happening this week:

Tuesday, April 1

English I Writing

English III Writing


Tuesday, April 2

Grade 4 Writing Day 1

Grade 7 Writing Day 1

Grade 5 Math

Grade 8 Math

English I Reading

English III Reading


Wednesday, April 3

Grade 4 Writing Day 2

Grade 7 Writing Day 2

Grade 5 Reading

Grade 8 Reading

English II Writing


Thursday, April 4

English II Reading