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Fiesta Especial Royal Court visits JWC

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The Jewel Wietzel Center received a few special guests April 5. They welcomed the Fiesta Especial Royal Court which is made up of special needs students from across San Antonio, including the daughter of Wietzel’s principal, Mrs. Doris Figueroa.

The court greeted Wietzel students and handed them Fiesta souvenir wooden nickels along with their headshots. The Queen even danced with some of her court while students cheered them on.

This year’s Fiesta Especial Royal court is made up of:

·         King Tristan Gentry

·         Queen Chelsea Figueroa

·         Prince Damian Perry

·         Duke Gabriel Hey

·         Page Destiney Tavera

·         Duchess Lizzy Oveland

Fiesta Especial is an official Fiesta San Antonio event created for children and adults with physical, cognitive and developmental differences and the family and friends who love them. For more information, visit