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Elementary students compete in Robotics Competition

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“We have to make sure that it closes at the end of the movement,” said one student to another as they prepared their robot for the Annual Harlandale ISD Robotics Competition. Thirteen elementary schools gathered at the Boggess Center on May 7th to compete in one of two categories.

Students were able to take part in the Best Design contest using materials on hand to build a robot. They came up with everything from Santa and his sleigh to robotic dogs. The second competition was the Tasks category where kids had to make their robots perform certain tasks like recovering balls from the field, moving objects from one location to another, or navigating a path. For each task completed, the team earned points.

The winners for the competition are as follows:

Best Design:
1st Place: Morrill-The Party Storm Tiger

2nd Place: Gillette-Rattlesnake

3rd Place: Carroll Bell-Cowboys Team A

Task Competition:
1st Place: Stonewall Flanders Falcon 1

2nd Place: Adams Wolf pack 1

3rd Place: Rayburn BMO

4th Place: Schulze Mini-robo Roadrunners