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First district chess tournament

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Not every competition takes place on a field or in a stadium, but they can be just as exciting and intense for the people competing. Harlandale ISD held its first In-District Chess Tournament at the Boggess Center on May 28 featuring students from three middle schools and three elementaries. The winners were:




6th-8th Boys

7th Boys Beginners & Intermediate

7th Boys Advance Level

8th Boys Intermediate &High

Elementary Boys

Elementary Girls

6th – 8th Girls Intermediate & High


Raul Rodriguez, TWMS

Om Patel, KMS

Angel Leal, HMS

Christian Rodriguez, TWMS

Liam Gonzales, Rayburn ES

Jade Teixeira, Carroll Bell

Esmeralda Castillo, TWMS


St. Marin Campos, TWMS

Victor Escalante, TWMS

Mathew Melendez, HMS

Roland Casanova, HMS

Isiah Pineda, Rayburn ES

Samantha Solano, Rayburn ES

Desiree Del Toro, HMS


Angel Salinas, TWMS

Angel Coronado, HMS

Domingo Cantu, HMS

Paul Rios, HMS

Rodrigo Guerra, Rayburn ES

Amanda Martinez, Rayburn ES

Destiny Maldonado, TWMS