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Students all smiles for last day of school

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There is only one reason for the big smiles on students’ faces today. It is the last day of school!


“Lulu woke up early. She never wakes up early… and she was so excited to get to school,” said Leticia Saavedra, mother of a 1st grader at Gillette Elementary School.


It was a far cry from how many kids reacted 187 days ago on the first day of school. Back then elementary school students were nervous and shy. Some even cried when they were dropped off in class. Today, June 6, the excitement could be felt as soon as parents pulled into campus driveways. Kids were smiling and laughing. Some were even running to class.


They just have to sit through one more day then kids will be out for summer and boy do they have plans. Some are traveling with their families to places like Chicago, Orlando and Mexico. Others said they are going fishing, to the beach and to Sea World.


Summer vacation lasts 11 weeks. School starts back up again August 26.