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Principals share successes before leaving for summer


Before they left to enjoy their own summer break, Harlandale ISD principals reported to Central Office administrators on the state of their campuses. On June 17, the leaders of Harlandale High School, the Frank Tejeda Academy, Harlandale and Leal middle schools, as well as Adams, Collier, Columbia Heights, Gilbert, Morrill, Rayburn, Stonewall Flanders and Wright elementary schools gathered to discuss how each campus had performed during the 2012-2013 school year. Each school created its own data board to display that showed its assessment results and successful strategies.

“Even though this project came at a busy time for us, it was very valuable. We were able to analyze our data and start planning right now for what we would like to focus on with our teachers in August. I found out some things that I am not sure would have been uncovered in just looking at reports,” said one principal.

Principals from the McCollum strand of schools – McCollum High School, Terrell Wells and Kingsborough middle schools, as well as Bellaire, Carroll Bell, Gillette, Schulze, and Vestal elementary school met June 18 to share their information.