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Welcome to the Harlandale Family

The individuals listed below were approved for employment at the regularly scheduled School Board meeting on June 17 or at the special called meeting on June 24. We would like to welcome them to the Harlandale family.


·         Jessica Garcia                     Harlandale High School                

·         Raul Escobar                       Harlandale High School                

·         Cynthia Kinnear                   Harlandale High School

·         Melynda McGregor                Harlandale High School

·         Antonio Gonzales                 McCollum High School

·         Jose Zertuche                      McCollum High School                 

·         San Juana Baker                   McCollum High School                 

·         Marla Beam                          McCollum High School                 

·         Ruben De Leon                     McCollum High School                 

·         John Jennings                       McCollum High School                 

·         Gabriel Luna                         McCollum High School                 

·         Jessica Martinez                    McCollum High School                 

·         Wendall Mulkey                     McCollum High School                 

·         Rosa Nelia Puente                 Harlandale Middle School          

·         Shannon Wells                      Harlandale Middle School          

·         Katherine Woods                   Harlandale Middle School          

·         Ruben Galvan                        Leal Middle School        

·         Stephanie Garza                    Leal Middle School

·         Sarah Jones                          Terrell Wells Middle School

·         Victoria Garcia                       Terrell Wells Middle School

·         Terry Click                             Adams Elementary

·         Cristina Munoz                       Bellaire Elementary

·         Morgan Sanders                      Bellaire Elementary

·         Geoff Boggess                       Columbia Heights Elementary

·         Juanita Rodriguez                   Stonewall/Flanders Elementary

·         Brandi Castro                         Gilbert Elementary

·         Alex Guzman                          Gilbert Elementary

·         Emily Hansen                         Gilbert Elementary

·         David Martinez                       Gilbert Elementary

·         Kelly Paterson                        Gilbert Elementary

·         Sylvia Servin                          Gillette Elementary

·         Leticia Cerda-Rodriguez           Bellaire Elementary

·         Amanda Garcia                       Rayburn Elementary

·         Marina Seanez Sifuentes          Rayburn Elementary

·         Kayla Burt                             Wright Elementary

·         Guadalupe Casanova               Wright Elementary

·         Vanessa Castillo                     Business Office