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1st day of school: A family affair

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On the first day of school some Pre-K three-year-olds cried, asking their parents not to leave; high school teens happily hopped out of cars and walked over to meet their friends; but students at the middle school level fell somewhere in between.


Carolyn Alvarado was feeling anxious her first day as a sixth grader but eased up a little when her mother and grandfather got off the truck and walked her to the cafeteria inside Kingsborough Middle School (KMS).


“I’m a little nervous because the school is bigger,” she explained.


Carolyn did see a few old friends when she walked in but still plans on joining the band in hopes of making KMS feel more like home. She had spent her younger years at Gillette Elementary, a campus with which her entire family was more comfortable.


“This place [KMS] is so much bigger. It’s different and it’s hard to let her go,” said Rose Marie Alvarado, Carolyn’s proud mom who stood right by her side.


On the other side, Grandpa Joe Alvarado beamed, saying this was his first go around too despite having several children of his own.


“I didn’t have time with my kids because I was working so much. I worked day and night sometimes so my wife did all the work and now I tell her to stay home and I do the work,” he said.


In the back of their minds, like in many other families, the Alvarado’s know middle school is just another beginning to much more schooling for little Carolyn.


“It’s kind of hard to let her go but you have to do it. I’m trying to do it for her so she can go to college one day,” said Grandpa Joe before mentioning that Texas A&M is her college of choice.


Even as a middle schooler, Carolyn has direction. Congratulations and gig ‘em!