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Palo Alto College to offer Oil and Gas Technology Degree

Alamo Community Colleges recently announced the launch of new academic program at Palo Alto College that will offer classes focused on the oil and gas industry. Students will now be able to obtain a certificate and/or an Associates of Applied Science Degree to help them succeed in the high-demand field.

Mr. Rey Madrigal, Superintendent of the Harlandale ISD, was at the news conference September 10th and mentioned the district’s excitement over a program that will have an immediate and lasting effect on students who want to break into the booming industry.

Just a few months ago, the Harlandale ISD Board of Trustees approved the development of an early college high school that will have a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) focus. The new oil and gas classes at Palo Alto will also be incorporated in the new school which is slated to open in the fall of 2014.