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School holds assembly with important message

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A Tejano artist, an entrepreneur and the 8th grade class at Harlandale Middle School spent part of the day October 4 rallying against bullying. The company CEO of Red Rosco, Rolando Alvarado, stopped by HMS to talk to students about the “Stop the Ignorance” campaign which was started by A. B. Quintanilla, front man for the Cumbia Kings.

Surveys show that up to 90% of 4th-8th graders have reported being bullied at some point with 282,000 secondary students being physically attacked each year. “Stop the Ignorance” sheds light on how bullying affects schools, individuals and families. The campaign also helps encourage acceptance.

“We hope that students become aware of the how they treat other students and realize that they may be bullying even though they may think they are doing it jokingly. I hope this message encourages students to not only stop what they are doing, but to stand up for their fellow students as well,” said Principal Katherine Pena.