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Students, employees and alumni Rock-n-Roll

In a sea of bright-colored clothed runners wearing caps, headbands and earplugs, it was difficult to pinpoint familiar faces, but they were there. If you looked closely at the crowd of more than 25,000 people, a handful were Harlandale ISD employees and even more were alumni. All of them had gathered to take part in the 6th Annual Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio Marathon which stepped off from downtown San Antonio. Some of the employees included Elva Cope from Schulze Elementary and Geralynn Wing from Vestal Elementary as well as Rita Garza and Nora Lugo from the Curriculum & Instruction Department.

Helping the runners along on their treks were members of the Gamma Sigma Girls and SUAVE (Southside United Against a Violent Environment). Together they helped hand out water to anyone who needed it.