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Students shine in cyber security

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Students shine in cyber security

The next cyber security expert may end up being a Harlandale ISD graduate. On November 20, four current students were the guest presenters at the 4th Annual STEM Symposium featuring Computer Science and Cyber Security.

McCollum seniors Cesar Lopez and Fabiola Reyes along with Harlandale juniors Mayela Perez and Juan Garza gave testimonials about why they became part of the Cyber Tigers, aafter school program sponsored by St. Phillip’s College.

“This (Cyber Tigers) is more interesting and fun than other after school programs and it is going to help up later on in life,” explained Fabiola.

Under the supervision of sponsor Daniel Jordan, the Cyber Tigers spend their afternoons searching for faults in different computer programs, and then they have the opportunity to compete against other teams. There are 1,024 such high school cyber teams around the country.

The four teens from Harlandale hope to continue their work once they get to college. At least one said he wanted to become a network administrator, while another said she’d like to be a network programmer. They got plenty of inspiration at the one-day conference, hearing from top experts, including John Ford, Supervisory Special Agent with the Cyber and Computer Analysis Response Team for the FBI.