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Morrill students live, learn and play

Coach Maryann Garcia and some Morrill Elementary students are sitting tall in class today after playing all day Saturday, February 15. The kids took part in San Antonio Sports' “I Play” volleyball tournament at Mission Concepcion Sports Park. They ended up ranking fourth out of 30 teams.


“I was very proud of them. They had no knowledge of volleyball. It was a six week program, and it was a lot of different skills they learned. At the end of the period I could tell they were grasping the idea about volleyball. It made me elated and proud to see them come so far and be excited themselves," said Coach Garcia.


The Morrill team of eight won three games in a row and even moved into the playoffs but ended up losing to another team.


"This program is an awesome experience for the students to see how competitions work and to expose them to sports that they may have not known anything about," said Coach Garcia.


The students who participated in the event were:

Kaleb Espinoza-3rd
Autumn Molina-3rd
Aliyah Amparon-3rd
Janis Silva-4th
Dreythan Olmos-4th
Frank Amparon-5th
Xavian Castanedo-5th
Izareal Cavazos-5th