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HISD staffer meets, questions POTUS

What would you say if you met the President of the United States?

“Thank you for taking my mayor,” were the first words Maggie Trevino jokingly uttered when she shook hands with Barack Obama.

On July 10, Ms. Maggie, as she is known across Harlandale ISD, was sitting at a table inside the popular Austin restaurant Franklin Barbeque when a security team swept in, followed by President Barack Obama himself.

“It was a very good surprise, but we were told not to rush him,” explained Ms. Maggie.

Instead, President Obama took the time to stop by every table and shake hands with every patron.

“I told him, ‘Thank you for taking my mayor.’ He laughed and said, ‘You must be from San Antonio.’ So then I said, ‘Yes, the city of the world championship Spurs. When are they going to come see you?’ He said, ‘pretty soon, pretty soon’.”

President Obama had nominated Julian Castro to serve as Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. At the time Ms. Maggie met the President, Castro was in the middle of Senate confirmation hearings. He started his new job July 28.

The feisty and unflustered Ms. Maggie works as the records clerk at Rayburn Elementary. She is an outspoken Democrat and the biggest Spurs fan south of the AT&T Center. It was her chance encounter with the POTUS where she got to facetiously bring up two of her favorite topics. Since then, she has replayed their short yet playful conversation over and over again to family, friends and coworkers. She also carries around a handful of pictures to serve as proof.

 “I was just at the right place at the right time,” she said.

Her daughters Doris and Francis were also at the right location in line. The President asked to cut in front of them, then he picked up the tab for them as well as the people who had just ordered. Ms. Maggie claims Mr. Obama used his own card to pay for the bill, which was more than $300.

So how was the famous barbecue?

“Good,” said Ms. Maggie, but she was more impressed with the President. “He is very humble and he even carried his own food out to the car.”