HISD students win awards

HISD students win awards
Posted on 06/03/2016

Harlandale ISD fifth grade students competed in a contest about respect and the top three winners won money for themselves, their school and a charity of their choice.

The contest was sponsored by Tom Rhodes Law Firm and it asked students to illustrate what respect means to them through a statement and a drawing.

For first place winner Christopher Flores from Columbia Heights Elementary, respect means being kind to everyone regardless of what they look like and being polite to those who are sick.

Christopher won $100 for himself, Columbia Heights received $1,000 and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital will receive $1,000 on his behalf.

Second place winner Gabrielle Hernandez from Gilbert Elementary said, “Respect is important because by showing it you can make someone’s day and make somebody happy. It would make such a difference in our home, community and our world.”

Gabrielle won $100 for herself, $500 for Gilbert Elementary and $500 for the American Cancer Society. As a cancer survivor, Gabrielle has a special place in her heart for the American Cancer Society

For third place winner Delilah Sotello from Carroll Bell Elementary, respect means being helpful, caring and nice to others.

“Without respect you can’t make any friends, so always be respectful,” Delilah said. “If someone is feeling down or hurt cheer them up with a little comment, it will make their day brighter, and most of all respect your family, because sometimes you can lose family too, so be respectful and make others smile.”

Delilah received a $100 check, her school received $350 and The Salvation Army will receive $350 on her behalf.

Congratulations to all three winners! Harlandale ISD is proud of you.




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