Student Advisory Committee kicks-off

A select group of bright Harlandale ISD students voiced their thoughts about the district to Superintendent Rey Madrigal and other top administrators on Sept. 27.

The Superintendent’s Student Advisory Committee is made up of 6th through 12th grade students from Harlandale ISD who display qualities of excellence in education, leadership, citizenship and community service.

The purpose of the committee is to place high achieving students in a leadership role that will give them one-on-one access to some of the top district officials. In turn, these top officials can see the district through a student’s perspective.

SAC participants will meet every six-weeks throughout the academic year. The first meeting was held at STEM Early College High School last Tuesday.

The meeting kicked-off with Madrigal introducing Assistant Superintendent Ms. Samantha Gallegos, Director of Secondary Education Ms. Melissa Casey, Assistant Superintendent of Finance Mr. Richard Hernandez, Executive Director of Operations Mr. Gerardo Soto, Director of Human Resources Ms. Diane Tudyk and Public Information Officer Mr. Andrew Fernandez. The students learned about each of the important roles these officials play in the district.

Afterward, the students introduced themselves and spoke about either their favorite teacher, their favorite subject or what they did over the summer.

Each student was then asked to anonymously write what they love about Harlandale ISD and a concern they have about the district on a notecard. Based on the feedback, Gallegos wrote the 10 most common topics on poster-sized paper. The students were then asked to share their thoughts about the topic on each paper.

As the second part of the activity, students were broken up into groups and asked to brainstorm solutions for the concerns.

By the end of the meeting, students presented their solutions with confidence and conviction. Superintendent Madrigal made note of each of the suggestions and was impressed with the students.

This is Madrigal’s fifth year meeting with student representatives. Some positive outcomes from past Student Advisory Committees include an expansion in food options, an expansion in middle school fine arts programs and a remodeled tennis court.


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