HEB Buddy visits HISD

Harlandale ISD is teaming up with H-E-B to “be a buddy, not a bully” in honor of Anti-Bullying Awareness Month being celebrated nationally this month.

H-E-B Buddy and friends visited Collier Elementary second grade students on Oct. 21 to talk to students about the H-E-B Buddy League.

“The H-E-B Buddy League promotes and inspires kindness, respect, and leadership, over negative behaviors such as teasing, exclusion from play and other forms of bullying among second grade students,” said James E. Harris, director of diversity & inclusion and supplier diversity for H-E-B.

The league is designed to engage students in a variety of activities that teach inclusive behavior and recognize students for having the courage to stand up to bullying.

“Bullying is the exact opposite of diversity and inclusion, and the H-E-B Buddy League is one way H-E-B can support this issue in our communities,” Harris said.

Concluding the Buddy League presentation, teachers received a free H-E-B Buddy League kit with tools to help them continue the dialogue of diversity and inclusiveness year-round. 

HEB Buddy visits HISD

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