GT lesson taken to new heights

Harlandale ISD Gifted and Talented students took their learning to new heights during a San Antonio Police Department helicopter fly-in on Nov. 8.

 SAPD officers discussed their careers with the students as well as the engineering of a helicopter – a lesson the students will need in the very near future.  

 “Later this school year, the students will have the opportunity to design, build, and test an experimental model glider to find out how air and other forces affect its flight,” GT facilitator Sonia Cuellar said.

 So rather than a traditional lesson on aeronautics, Cuellar wanted to bring the day’s lesson to life.

 “I am happy that our GT students had the opportunity to observe a live demonstration of the content that is being covered in the classroom. Our students were able to learn and discover aeronautics through an engaging and hands-on activity,” Cuellar said. 

Columbia Heights helicopter

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