Leal MS honors Black History Month (1)

Leal MS is paying tribute to Black History Month with several events throughout the campus.  

Most recently, seventh grade ELA teachers Olivia Robinson and Maribel Hermosillo brought in special guests.

Motivational speaker and education expert Dr. Ron Kelley, who is also part of the 100 Black Men in America, gave a presentation on Feb. 22. He talked to students about how he achieved his goals.

College was the main topic of that afternoon and as a graduate from The University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Kelley stressed how important it is for the students to further their education. Dr. Kelley continued his education by receiving his Master’s degree from Texas State University and then his Ph.D. from Texas A&M University.

Additionally, Dr. LaGuana Gray, a professor from the African American History Department at UTSA, gave a presentation on Feb. 23.  

“The reason that we are having Black History Month is to help the students be more culturally aware of what’s going on in the world,” Robinson said. “We’re hoping that this event will open the door to have more events on campus that celebrate everyone and everybody.”

To continue the celebration, students will take a field trip to watch ‘Hidden Figures’ at the Palladium on Feb. 25.

The movie follows the story of three African-American women mathematicians who served a vital role in NASA during the early years of the U.S. space program.  

Funds for the field trip were gathered from donations and from a special screening of the 2014 film ‘Selma’ held at the school gym on Valentine’s Day.

While there was no fee to watch the movie, popcorn and other snacks were on sale in true movie theatre fashion to help raise funds for the field trip.  

Students learned all about the March from Selma to Montgomery led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in class and got a chance to see it chronicled in the film along with a cold soda and their favorite bag of chips.

Other campus events honoring Black History Month include a poetry writing contest, a door decorating contest and they’ve been honoring different black leaders and innovators throughout the month.  

“Every single day our principal Ms. Balleza honors somebody in history who has contributed and who is part of the black community,” Hermosillo added. “In our classes we share and have a discussion about those folks and how much they have contributed. The culture and the climate around our campus has been really supportive and there’s just so much energy around Black History Month.”

This is the first year the campus has celebrated Black History Month. Robinson and Hermosillo are already brewing different ways to celebrate Women’s History Month in March. 

Leals Black History Month Event

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