Harlandale ISD launches hurricane relief drive

Harlandale ISD recently launched a district-wide relief effort to collect water, non-perishable foods and baby items to help families and community members affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Harlandale High School Social Worker Michael Bustos said student organizations were excited to join the drive.

“We have boxes spread out throughout the entire campus,” Bustos said. “All the student organizations, JROTC and medical classes worked together.”

The school decided to split up the needed items with each organization to target all the different items needed, which included canned goods, baby formula, pet food and hygiene items.

When Harlandale HS juniors Victoria Sosa and Cindy Rivera first learned about the drive, they instantly knew that they wanted to help.

“I brought canned foods and baby food because I know that families don’t have much at the moment, and Texas is family,” Victoria said.

“It is important to donate because I know that if I needed the help, I’d want someone to help me, so it never hurts to help. I brought some cat food and baby wipes,” Cindy added.

All the items were collected from Sept. 5- 8 and will benefit Victoria ISD, a school district that is considered an “extended” family to Harlandale ISD and was deeply affected by the hurricane.

With Hurricane Irma approaching Florida, Harlandale High School also organized a blood drive on Sept. 7.

“We had close to 300 students registered to donate blood,” Harlandale HS teacher Jose Gomez said. “It’s important to remember to donate blood during a hurricane because people are hit with debris, and they get cut. All the blood donated will go to Florida.”

Overall, the Harlandale HS faculty, staff and students were happy to come together to help provide relief to those affected by the hurricane.

“Our students got a better understanding of our community,” Bustos said. “For them to understand how tragedies happen, the effects of them, and how we help others is something important for our students to learn.”

If you are interested in helping Victoria ISD, drop off non-perishable items to your campus social worker or at the Sosa Parent Education Center through early next week. 

HISD Hurrican relief fund
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