Magician teaches Adams ES students to ‘Just say no’

Adams Elementary School students learned the important lesson of saying, “No,” to drugs and alcohol during a fun magic show on Oct. 23.

Magician Spikey Mikey presented his “Just Say No Magic Show” to third, fourth and fifth grade students in celebration of Red Ribbon Week.

The school’s cafeteria was filled with laughter as the magician performed his best tricks and jokes while encouraging students to “Just say no.”

 “[The show] was really engaging, and the students were having fun and participating,” Adams ES Social Worker Jennifer Montes said. “Spikey Mikey combines humor and magic to get his messages across, and I think our students learned a lot about making positive choices when faced with the option of using drugs and alcohol.”

Spikey Mikey made every student say, “I believe in myself,” and emphasized how they have the power to make the right decision in their lives.

Red Ribbon Week is celebrated nationally, giving educators the opportunity to focus on drug prevention in a fun and engaging way with dress up days, assemblies and focused messages.

“Unfortunately, in today’s society, kids as young as elementary are faced with pressured to use drugs and alcohol,” Montes explained. “We need to make sure that we do our best to help them understand the risks and dangers involved.”

Overall, Montes wants students at Harlandale ISD to feel empowered to make the right choice and not give in to pressures that negative people may give them.

“It is our responsibility to arm our students with the tools and strategies they will need when faced with these types of decisions,” Montes concluded. 

Bellaire Magician

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