Wild Things Zoofari visits HISD Pre-K 4 students

Wild Things Zoofari visits HISD Pre-K 4 students
Posted on 02/08/2018

All Harlandale ISD Pre-K 4 students received a surprise visit from Wild Things Zoofari earlier this month.

The children were introduced to an adorable red kangaroo, a chinchilla, a keel-billed toucan and a red ruffed lemur.

The students had the opportunity to pet all the animals while they learned interesting facts about them such as their behavior, habitat and what they like to eat. The best moment happened when the baby kangaroo began to hop around, causing the children to burst into laughter.

Columbia Heights Pre-K teacher Jessica Cooper said the timing of the visit was perfect since they are currently learning about the jungle.

“We are now learning about the different ecosystems in the jungle and all kinds of animals,” Cooper said. “They got to see the animals up close and touch them, which is great because it makes everything more real for them, and they can make those connections with what they are learning in the classroom.”

Wild Things Zoofari’s visit is the district’s latest on-site field trip planned for Pre-K 4 students this year, which was made possible through the Pre-K 4 SA grant. 

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Wild Things Zoofari visits HISD Pre-K 4 students
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