Gillette Elementary celebrates monthly rally

Gillette Elementary celebrates monthly rally
Posted on 03/23/2018

Once a month, Gillette Elementary is divided into four teams to compete against each other for points.

The Brainiacs, Academic Avengers, Master Minds and Cranium Crushers battled it out once again earlier this month.

The rally consists of academic and physical challenges for the teams to solve or complete. Each month, the team captains coordinate the games and academic challenges.

“Some of this month's challenges consisted of teachers acting out a word and one team member had to run to the white board and write the word correctly,” Academic Dean Julie Gimbel explained. “Teams had to make words.  Three letter words were worth two points and four and above were worth five points each word. Students also had to figure out the name of the Presidents’ silhouette by solving math facts.”  

Teachers are also involved with some of the challenges and students enjoy watching them compete alongside of them.   

At each rally, the team who hosts will open the rally with a dance routine.  Each team consists of different grade levels from Pre-K to fifth grade.  Students bring signs and paint their face to show their team spirit on the day of each rally. 

Teams are also competing year round for points.   

“It allows students to foster collaboration, teamwork, teams to become more cohesive, and encourage one another,” Gimbel added.

They're able to earn points through attendance, AR reading, parent participation, challenges, and rally competitions.   

“Here at Gillette we are taking our game to the next level,” Gimbel concluded.   


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