Leal MS honors Women’s History Month

Leal MS honors Women’s History Month
Posted on 04/06/2018

In light of Women’s History Month, Leal Middle School Social Studies Teacher Amanda Garcia organized an empowering talk for girls on March 28.

The goal behind the talk was to cover and clarify the topic of discrimination. In her five years working at Leal as a Social Studies teacher, she has taken an in class survey on students who have experienced discrimination. She has found that almost all of them never have.   

“While this is good, I realize it may be due to their environment,” Garcia said. “Harlandale is homogenous. The students are surrounded by others who share their culture and similar beliefs. However, our goal as educators is to encourage and prepare our students to go out into the world. A world that is different and sometimes unfair. I feel it is important that our students, especially our female students, are able to identify what discrimination is, know that it is not ok, and what they can do about it.”

With the help of fellow Leal MS Social Studies teacher Emma Spoor, Garcia brought in Judge Laura Parker to talk to the girls at the campus.

“We felt with her legal experience she would be the best fit to explain to the students what their rights were when it came to discrimination,” Garcia said.

Judge Parker was also able to share her personal stories and experiences with discrimination as a female in a male dominated field. 

The students were engaged as they asked questions throughout and at the end of the presentation.

“My hope is that students remember that any form of discrimination is not acceptable,” Garcia said. “They have the power and voice to stand up against it. More importantly, as women and minorities, this is not a disadvantage, but an opportunity to rise and shine in the community. They can be anything they want!”

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