Three HISD students win awards in art contest

Harlandale ISD fifth grade students competed in an art and essay contest about respect, sponsored by Tom Rhodes Law Firm.

The students were asked to illustrate what respect means to them through a short essay and drawing.

Columbia Heights Elementary student Luis Rojas won first place and will be awarded $100 for himself, $1,000 for the school and $1,000 will be donated to The Children’s Shelter on his behalf.

In his essay written in Spanish, Luis wrote that respect should be shown towards the elderly and people of color. He also illustrated two friends complimenting and greeting each other.

Ashbel Isidro from Rayburn Elementary was announced the second place winner and will receive $100 for herself, $500 for the school and $500 for the American Cancer Society.

Her artwork said, “For me, respect is to help my hard working teachers and my custodians pick up trash and help others.”

Carroll Bell Elementary student Frank Hernandez’s essay and drawing earned third place. He illustrated a dad and son being respectful towards each other.

He wrote, “Respect means to be considerate to others because I wouldn’t like to be disrespected. Respect means to also respect adults, like your parents, elders and those who protect your town like officers.”

Frank also won $100 for himself and will receive $350 for his school and $350 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

For Columbia Heights Art Teacher Noe Garza, this contest has been a great opportunity for students to learn the meaning and value of respect.

“Respect is a very powerful word. Nowadays, it seems like everywhere you see, on TV, even our leaders, they’re not showing respect, so I like this theme because maybe our children can change that. We need to be more human, more compassionate and more empathetic,” he said. “Our students were able to write about it and visualize it through art, put words into a drawing, and they did a great job.”

Congratulations to all the winners!

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