Adams Elementary goes green

Adams Elementary goes green
Posted on 04/20/2018

Adams Elementary is going green thanks to fourth grade student Karlee Soto who had an idea to start a recycling program. She initially began talking to her classmates about how important recycling is and how she wanted to see the school start a recycling program.  Before she knew it, more than 20 of her fourth grade peers were ready to help transform her idea into a reality.  

They began talking to their teachers about it and they were encouraged to present their plan to Principal Leticia Rodriguez.  Once Ms. Rodriguez saw their enthusiasm, she knew it was time to help the students take their ideas to the next level. The Adams Elementary Green Team was born and with the help of School Social Worker Jennifer Montes, Adams was able to get recycling bins donated to the school through a program called ReWorksSA, which helps small businesses and nonprofits start recycling initiatives.  ReWorksSA visited Adams and assessed the needs and areas where the school could improve their recycling efforts.  

On April 13, the recycling bins were distributed to the school, and the Green Team spent this week preparing for the kickoff of the recycling program by presenting to the faculty at this week's faculty meeting. They also made announcements to the entire campus about what to expect. The Green Team will be collecting recycling twice per week and will continue to challenge the students and staff of Adams Elementary to be green. 

For now, the campus will be focusing on recycling paper products, but in the future, the students have big plans to expand their recycling program to include other recyclable materials like aluminum, plastic and cardboard.   

These students are inspiring others to take action as well.  Adams also has other groups of students who are planning ways to help the community and to prevent bullying on campus. 

Way to go, Wolves!  

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