Carroll Bell celebrates learning with fun Camp Out

Caroll Bell hosts Camp Out 2018

Third through fifth grade students at Carroll Bell Elementary School celebrated the end of the first six weeks with a fun and interactive Camp Out on Oct. 3.

The event was organized by Carroll Bell Teacher Victoria Martinez to give students a real world experience of what they have been learning in the classroom.

“We are doing projects for our homework and incorporating technology,” Martinez said. “And, we thought it would be neat that for every six weeks we have some kind of culminating event afterwards.”

As part of the homework projects, the students had the opportunity to choose their own assignments such as writing a camping story, creating shopping lists and budgets for camping trips, or studying maps to calculate distances between parks and trails.

“After planning the projects, we realized a lot of them had never been camping,” Martinez added. “So, we thought it would be cool to give them a hands-on camping experience. It’s been really fun!”

During the Camp Out, students participated in different stations throughout the campus, where they learned how to make s’mores, tie a rope, play fun camping games, set up a tent, make friendship bracelets and even learn how to cast a fishing line.

Way to go, Carroll Bell!  

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