Cowboy Productions to mentor Rayburn ES students

Rayburn Elementary students recently visited McCollum High School’s Cowboy Productions studio to get a closer look at what it takes to work in broadcast reporting.

The visit was the beginning of a new partnership between Rayburn’s News Crew/Kids School Health Advisory Council (KSHAC) and the Cowboy Productions team. With the help of MHS teacher Mario Garcia, MHS seniors will mentor the young students as they learn more about news reporting.

As part of the News Crew/KSHAC, the children currently deliver campus announcements, sports news and exercise routines over the intercom every day. However, Rayburn teachers Elisa Tellez–Treviño, David Alonso and Cynthia Peña hope the new partnership will help enhance their students’ overall learning experience.

“We wanted to give the kids, who are in second, third, fourth and fifth grade, a better experience on what it’s really like to be a part of a news crew,” Rayburn ES teacher Maria Treviño said. “They are great leaders, so for them to come and see the studio is a great opportunity, and it can also be something that’s instilled in them to continue in high school.”

During the visit, Rayburn students were fascinated as they toured the studio and learned about how the camera equipment is used, how the control center is operated and how the green room works. MHS students were on hand to answer any questions the young students had.

MHS senior Alexis Garcia shared her experience of being a news anchor with the kids and is looking forward to mentoring them in the future.

“During the tour, we allowed them to see our intros and our control room, and they asked a lot of questions,” she said. “I told them how to behave in front of the camera, how to sit and smile, and they were really excited to learn, which was great.”

The visit concluded with the Cowboy Productions team announcing that they would lend the News Crew/KSHAC students a camera and microphone to begin television reporting.

All the students and teachers cheered with excitement and thanked the entire Cowboy Productions team! 

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