Engineers in the making at Collier’s STEM Night

Engineers in the making at Collier’s STEM Night
Posted on 01/27/2017

Collier students Joel Perez, Kayla Perez, and Jaden Perez needed a place for their pet hamster to play because he is “always just laying around.” The Collier students took matters into their own hands during the school’s fun and engaging STEM Night on Jan. 26.

As part of the night, students and parents took part in the Cardboard Challenge where they were given the task to build something with just pieces of cardboard and tape. The Perez family chose to build a maze for their pet hamster so he can “have a place to play.”

“To see how creative our students can be is very rewarding,” Collier Principal Patricia Garcia said. “Not only was the maze a good idea, it was well built and well designed.”

The night also included a visit from the Geekbus and over 20 science, technology, engineering and mathematics stations that ranged from a stop motion animation booth to a rocket launching activity.

 “Our STEM Night was a nice way of showing the students how learning can be fun,” Garcia said. “Tonight was filled with fun, engaging, hands-on activities that the students and parents really enjoyed.”

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